Our Services

– Translation:

We provide translation for brochures, leaflets, promotional and advertising materials, manuals, software, CD and websites, etc.

– Interpretation:

We provide professional interpreters for meetings, conferences and specific assignments at clients’ request.

– Linguistic review:

We review Vietnamese language promotional materials and approaches to determine whether they are appropriate for Vietnam market.

– Language Education

We arrange private/group tutoring of Vietnamese language and in-house language courses for company staff.

– Business Communication Training

We provide communication workshop to help business people and professionals better understand Vietnam culture and negotiate effectively with their Vietnamese counterparts.

20 thoughts on “Our Services

  1. Hi, i am interested in enrolling for a course starting end july/august or sometime in september. May i know the course availability and is it available on weekends? Thanks.

  2. Hi, I am interested in taking up your lessons. Can I know more details?
    When is the next lesson start date?
    What time is the lessons held ?
    Is it held daily?

    Thank you

  3. Pardon, but most of your workshops all seem to be orientated towards business people and professionals. Is it possible for a student (me) to join as well?

  4. Hi. I have been following your publication for a year or so, and appreciate it. Would you be able to provide a reviewer who could look at/add details to a book script about Vietnamese boat people? Thanks.

    Pat Carew

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