Special English Course for Vietnamese Brides and Workers


About the course

This course is uniquely designed for Vietnamese brides and workers in Singapore, Malaysia and other countries in Southeast Asia in order to help and enable them to communicate effectively in daily life or at work.

Upon completion of this course, participants will know:

1/ How to speak English using basic phrases and sentences in daily life;

2/ How to write short notice/report in English concerning their daily life or work;

3/ How to handle routine duties that involve basic communication in English


Instructors will adopt an integrated approach using role-plays, pair-works, group-work and other interactive activities.

Language skills will be developed through class-based tutorials and homework.

Class size is limited to a maximum number of ten (10) participants.

Course description:

The 10 lessons course will include topics as greetings, self-introduction, numbers, time, weather, etc.

Each of the two and a half hours unit spanning on one lesson will comprise the following elements

1. Vocabulary

2. Conversation

3. Linguistic & Cultural Notes

4. Grammar & Structures

5. Practice Exercises 

Extra benefits from the course:

Throughout the course, participants will also learn: 

1. Singapore / Asian social etiquette and work ethics

2. Singing a Singapore / Asian song in English

3. How to teach basic Vietnamese to their Singaporean / Asian friends / colleagues

4. How to engage in cultural activities for social networking and integration 

Course Content

Lesson 1         

How greet people and identify yourself

Lesson 2         

How to make acquaintance

Lesson 3         

How to count, tell time and talk about the weather

Lesson 4         

How to ask for directions and get around

Lesson 5         

How to bargain and buy things

Lesson 6         

How to express yourself to get help (Doctor/Police/Accident)

Lesson 7         

How to handle telephone conversations

Lesson 8         

How to make request/command/excuse and ask for information/take note

Lesson 9         

How to tell stories and past activities/experiences

Lesson 10       

How to talk about your future plans


Upon completion of the course, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement from Vietnam Language Centre.

Other details:

Course fee

$599.00 (nett)

No. of participants

10 (Maximum)

No. of sessions



9h15am – 11h45am

Start date

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


c/o Creative Learning Academy Pte Ltd @ Sport Lifestyle Centre

3500A Bukit Merah Central (Room 2) Singapore 159837

For more information, please contact:

The Director

Vietnam Language Centre

111 North Bridge Road

#21-01 Peninsula Plaza

Singapore 179098

Tel: 6389 1677

Mobile: 9062 5169

Website: www.vietnamese.sg

Email: vbcsing@singnet.com.sg

8 thoughts on “Special English Course for Vietnamese Brides and Workers

  1. Dear sir/Madam,
    When your English course for Vietnamese will start again ?
    Is the lesson once a week?
    Usually what is the lesson time ?
    course fee?


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