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To further enquiries on our services and training courses, please feel free to contact us at Tel: (65) 6389 1677 (Office) or  (65) 9062 5169 (Mobile) or email us at /


31 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dear Sir,
    Having learnt about your Vietnamese Language Centre, I would like to propose a partnership with your organisation in promoting Vietnam Culture and language course.
    I suggest that we exchange links on our respective websites to promote our services which are complementary.
    I was the first Vietnamese who offered Vietnamese courses in Singapore between 1990 and 1996, and have taught over 1000 Singapore businessmen to be relocated in Vietnam, using my method Vietnamese in 8 Hours, which guaranteed them to be able to speak Vietnamese within 6 weeks.
    My book on Conversation in Vietnamese by Europhone is listed in NUS library listing.
    But I am based in Switzerland for the moment, and have a full time in marketing and teaching marketing and management subjects in a private University in Geneva.
    I am working on a syllabus teaching Vietnam Culture and Language for Swiss-based students. You can look for details under Would love to start a forum with your existing students to discuss on various subjects, mainly on International relations issues, Vietnam Investment Opportunities, etc.
    In case of interest, you can contact me at the address above or by phone +41 77 437 8211 (just leave an SMS and I will call you back).
    For your info, I am planning to visit Singapore between 10-28 February and could meet up with you.
    Looking forward to hear from you,

    Anh Tho Andres, MBA
    Accredited translator and interpreter, Switzerland

  2. Xin chao Ong Huy,

    I would like to check if your Centre does examination for Vietnamese language. I have studied Vietnamese previously and would like to get certification for the level of my competency, for example, a Primary Six level equivalent.

    Cam on.

  3. Good day,
    I’m Diamond Chan from Malaysia. Do you arrange for weekend classes, because I’m currently living in Malaysia. . Thanks a lot.

  4. Hi!
    May I know do you have any classes on Vietnamese language in the near future? If Yes, can you tell me the DAYS that the lesson will be held? Thank you very much!

  5. There is a new Vietnamese Language Course in Sep 12 and I am interested in it. Can you email me the course details and registration form, please?

  6. Hi Mr Le
    Im interest in taking up the Vietnam language course.
    Kindly have your enrollment date and copy of your course detail on the next intake.

    Thank you

  7. Dear Sir
    I’m interested in taking up the Vietnam languages course. Kindly let me know your next in take. Thank you.

  8. Dear Sir
    We have 5 adult students who have had more than 250 hrs of classroom course in Vietnamese Language and would like to continue the study of this langauge. They would like to attend classes either on weekday evenings or during weekends. Could you please give us details on the availability of suitable follow classes for this group of students, including the cost, dates/time of course, venue and any other details.
    Thanks & warmest regards

  9. Dear Sir,

    I am interested to learn Vietnamese Language

    Can you kindly send me a copy of your course information, syllabus and price to my email address?

    Btw, where is your center located at?

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Jash Ngo

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