About VLC

Who are we?

Founded in 2003, Vietnam Language Centre in Singapore is an initiative of Vietnam Global Network, a business consulting firm which promotes and offers assistance in trade and investment, tourism, education and training in Vietnam, Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Objectives:

– To build appreciation of Vietnamese language and to promote the use and learning of Vietnamese in Singapore and worldwide;

– To provide business networking and cultural exchange opportunities for Vietnamese-speaking professionals or for anyone interested in Vietnamese language and culture;

– To help our clients to create, maintain and develop their business with their Vietnamese counterparts;

– To enhance awareness of Vietnam values and tradition and to bring Vietnam culture to the world.


Class participants at Vietnam Language Centre

What do we do?

Vietnam Language Centre in Singapore has been providing quality translation and interpretation services in Singapore and the region.

Our anchor clients include the National University of Singapore (NUS), professional and business institutions in Singapore and the region and various government agencies including Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Social and Family Development, etc.

We are also engaged in language coaching for business people and professionals who wish to acquire Vietnamese language skills.

Among our class participants are current and prospective managers/directors/chief representatives of Singapore companies/institutions having business with Vietnam.


Mr Le Huu Huy, Founder and Director of Vietnam Language Centre

Our Services:

– Translation:

We provide translation for brochures, leaflets, promotional and advertising materials, manuals, software, CD and websites

– Interpretation:

We provide professional interpreters for meetings, conferences and specific assignments at clients’ request.

Linguistic review:

We review Vietnamese language promotional materials and approaches to determine whether they are appropriate for Vietnam market.

– Language Education

We arrange private/group tutoring of Vietnamese language and in-house language courses for company staff.


Mr Le Huu Huy (middle) as interpreter for Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong

About the Founder

Le Huu Huy, the Founder and Director of Vietnam Language Centre in Singapore is a native of Saigon and was educated in Vietnam, Australia and Singapore.

His varied educational and professional background has made him a well rounded language practitioner.

Mr. Le is proficient in Vietnamese, English, French and conversant in Mandarin, Malay and Thai.

He is also a marketing and business consultant with proven track record in Vietnam, Singapore and other countries in the region.


31 thoughts on “About VLC

  1. Dear VLC,

    I am a fresh graduate from Ho Chi Minh city University of Education. I wish to pursue a part time master course in Singapore and therefore need a full time job at VLC. I was trained for 4 years to teach English as a Foreign Language. Can I apply for a teaching position at VLC? Please help me!

  2. Do you provide a Vietnamese course in Chinese Language as many vocabularies are from Chinese characters. Is there any Vietnamese-Chinese dictionary available? I can speak basic Vietnamese by self learning through DVD and Internet and is looking for Intermediate stage course.

  3. HI, I am keen to take up a beginner course in Vietnamese. Could you pls send me some materials on the available courses at VLC? Thanks.

  4. Hi. Is the instructor for the beginner Vietnamese classes teaching the language based on the Northern or Southern variant?

  5. Sir,

    Can you let me have your address in Singapore. I am looking for help to translate some Vietnamese letters and articles into English. Thank you.

  6. Hi
    I would like to enquire, my sister from vietnam
    Would like to learn english so she can converse with her new born son who is singaporean, in the near future. She can speak vietnamese but just really simple english. Is there any applicable courses for her? Please email details to me. Thank you.

  7. Dear Mr Huy,

    I am currently living in HCMC. I having been working as interpreter for 3 years and would love to seek more practical training on this. Does your center provide such training that I can follow?


  8. Hello, my girfriend’s six year old daughter will be coming to Singapore to study but she knows little English. I’m looking for a native Vietnamese to hire for 1-on-1 tutoring to teach her English. Do you know anyone who I could hire to teach her?

  9. Dear Sir,

    I’m Vietnamese and currently working as a freelance translator for a Singapore company. In fact, I’m looking for a full time or part time job in Singapore that related to translation or Vietnamese teaching. I coincidentally saw VLC information on internet and I was impressed immediately for what you are doing and have been achieving. It urges me to write down showing my keenness to be worked in VLC. Are there any positions in vacancy that I can appy for?

    Thank you

  10. Hi, may you forwarded Vietnam language class and schedule as well as tuition fees to me. I’m keen in learning Vietnam language.


  11. HI,
    my wife is a vietnamese and she wishes to learn basic speaking English. She has some basic and able to read.
    May I know do u have any recommendation pls?

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