This choir’s chat group is not the venue to promote your culture!

Jerry is a XXX native who has been living in Singapore for more than 10 years.

A Christian he joined a church choir in Singapore about 2 years ago.

He can sing and play some musical instruments.

Spiritually motivated, he decided to spend more time for music.

Jerry was aware of his linguistic and musical constraints and weaknesses as an amateur.

He tried his best to improve his instrumental and vocal skills.


Spiritually motivated, Jerry decided to spend more time for music

Apart from his musical development plans he wanted to help promote the choir via social media including Youtube.

Jerry liked to share what he had done with his relatives, business associates and friends.

He thought his fellow choir members would be his good friends too.

But he was wrong.

Ironically he was accused of using the choir’s platform to promote his culture.

He ended up leaving the choir for good.


Jerry’s fellow choir members should become his good friends too

What happened is that there was a Whatsapp chat group for choir members.

It had been created by a conductor before Jerry joined the choir.

From time to time Jerry candidly shared with his fellow choir members his YouTube musical and vocal practices, his life experiences and his personal or professional discovery on languages and cultures including his own ones.

Not only Jerry, some other choir members also shared and discussed non-choir related matters.

But his non-Choir matter chat postings would have disturbed and irritated somebody.

One day, after posting some information about food in his native land during his business trip and his initiative to form a language and singing club, Jerry was publicly reprimanded on the chat line:


The choir’s chat group is “for choir matters pertaining to our songs and spiritual matters and should be a platform for info to members on mass and our singing”

Deeply hurt Jerry said that he would not mind to be called “non-sense”.

But he would not stand any insult to his culture which is holy to him.

He quickly exited the chat group.

Jerry was then contacted by the person who had earlier insulted him.

Following is their conversation:







It was a good lesson to Jerry with some learning points as follows:


You have your points and I have my points


“It may be part of your culture but it certainly is not ours”



“If you want to show off your culture and your talents, do it in another chat”


“Some of your postings that are SPIRITUAL – those are OK”


“But not the others where you choose to promote your own agenda” 


“We all make mistakes and as your “Big Brother” you should accept what I say” 


“If you want to stay in Singapore, please do keep in mind some of our ways of thinking”

He told himself to be less vocal in his postings on any group chat line in the future.

He would be more careful when dealing with apparently religious people.

Jerry was thankful to God for this interesting experience on his life journey in Singapore.

This tiny and lovely city is his home.

Truly and holy, after all.



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