A passion for making musical instruments

Cao Văn Cường left his hometown in the northern province of Hưng Yên for Hà Nội over a decade ago to start everything from scratch.

Leaving in an old apartment in Thành Công area, Ba Đình District, the 58-year-old and his wife earn a living by selling breakfast.

However, Cường is also known as a talented artist who can make and play around 20 types of traditional and modern musical instrument.

These instruments include đàn bầu (one-stringed Vietnamese zither), đàn tranh (Vietnamese 16-chord zither), đàn tính, a string instrument made from a gourd with two zithers, and đàn đáy, a long-necked, three-string lute, and violin.

With a passion for producing musical instruments, he set up a workshop inside his apartment.

Sometimes, he also instructs music students who come for help.


Cao Văn Cường fixes a guitar box


A student comes to Cường’s home to learn how to play musical instruments and plays đàn bầu made by Cường.


Modern and traditional musical instruments which Cường has made


Source: The Saigon Times Daily


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