Việt Nam’s Thúy Vân named 3rd runner-up of Miss International 2015

Phạm Hồng Thúy Vân from Việt Nam was named the third runner-up at the Miss International 2015 contest in Tokyo on Thursday.

Vân, a 22-year-old model and TV host, said in the Q&A round that she was grateful for the love that the host country had shown her.

Thuy_VanPhạm Hồng Thúy Vân  has been named the third runner-up of Miss International 2015 during the 55th Miss International Beauty Pageant in Tokyo, Japan, November 5, 2015

“You have treated me and the girls so well for the last few weeks.

You have shown me how beautiful a country and people can be.”

She answered in English.

She also said if she was crowned Miss International 2015, she would use her voice and influence to “inspire the world, to help people believe in hope and dreams.”

Best Moments of 3rd Runner-up Miss Việt Nam International 2015 Thúy Vân

The crown eventually went to Venezuela’s Edymar Martinze, followed by Jennifer Valle from Honduras and Kenya’s Eunice Onyango. Contestants came from 70 countries.

Vân was the first runner-up of the National Miss Ao Dai (Traditional Dress) Contest in Việt Nam last year and was soon appointed to represent the country in the 55th Miss International.

Miss International, one of the biggest beauty pageants in the world after Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss Earth, claims its objective is to encourage world peace, goodwill and understanding.

Source: Thanh Niên News

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