Nepotism scandal: Inspectors say promotion of former official’s son lawful

Inspectors from the Ministry of Home Affairs said Monday that they have found nothing amiss in the appointment of a 30-year-old man to a senior position in the central province of Quảng Nam.

A team of inspectors had been sent to Quảng Nam to look into the appointment of Lê Phước Hoài Bảo as a new director for the Department of Planning and Investment.

His father, Lê Phước Thanh, is a retired Party official.

The case has attracted much public attention after the media raised questions about his experience given his age.

He is the youngest director at any provincial department in the whole country.

Nepotism_VietnamLê Phước Hoài Bảo (R) in a file photo released by the Quảng Nam Province Department of Planning and Investment

Several media outlets quoted sources saying he might have been nominated because of his father, who was the head of the province Party unit.

Thanh, Bảo’s father, left office on September 30 due to health problems.

Inspectors said they revised the appointment procedures and found nothing wrong.

They will soon announce the inspection result in an official press conference.

Bảo, who graduated from the Đà Nẵng University of Economics with a degree in finance, was selected for a state-funded two-year master’s program at Claremont Graduate University in the US in 2010.

After returning to the homeland, Bảo led the investment promotion unit at Chu Lai Economic Zone in Quảng Nam until March 2014.

He then became deputy chairman of Quảng Nam’s Thắng Bình District.

After a year he was appointed deputy head of the province’s Department of Planning and Investment.


Source: Thanh Niên News

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