Việt Nam’s central province restores millennia-old well system

Authorities in Quảng Trị Province in central Việt Nam are trying their best to restore a millennia-old well system which has experienced unprecedented, alarming draining, according to local newswire Vietnamplus.

The Quảng Trị Relic and Scenic Site Preservation Center is currently executing its plan, which was submitted to relevant agencies in late 2014, to restore the Gio An Ancient Well System in Gio Linh District.

Well_VietnamThe aqueduct of Đào Well, a part of the 2,000-year-old Gio An Ancient Well System in Gio Linh District of Quảng Trị Province, has dried up

The restoration focuses on the structures which are damaged the most, in which repairmen re-arrange and replace broken stones and embellish several main items of the well system, including water troughs and settling tanks.

After the restoration, local authorities will also build concrete roads, parking lots, and signposts to serve tourists who visit the wells.

According to local residents, most of the wells in the system have sustained serious damage and draining since October last year.

One of the reasons for the draining is human activity which has adversely impacted the system’s natural structure.

The system is made up of 14 wells and once served as an arterial irrigation channel, which was built and used by Cham people more than 2,000 years ago.

It was recognized as a national cultural and historical relic in 2001.

The Cham in Việt Nam are recognized by the government as one of 54 ethnic groups.

Source: Tuổi Trẻ News

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