Ten things NOT to do during Ghost Month in Việt Nam

The seventh month in the lunar calendar, which this year began last Friday, is believed to be the time when ghosts and spirits come out from the lower realm and visit the living.

For a whole month, ending September 12, Vietnamese offer food, fruits and votive papers to hungry ghosts who supposedly wander the streets and drop into some houses.

The Ghost Month is also usually associated with bad luck.

Not only in Việt Nam but also in other Asian countries and territories like China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines, people will rarely start a new business during this period and a great many do not dare swim fearing they will be drowned by ghosts living in the water.

Though many young people working and living in large cities may no longer follow these traditional taboos, those living with middle-aged parents are usually reminded to strictly follow them so that the Ghost Month passes without event.

In the countryside, where life after dark is much quieter, to this day many stay at home at night and also avoid other taboos during the seventh lunar month.

However, those who believe there is an underworld also accept that during the month ghosts are all around and not just in the countryside or quiet places.

It is said that on the 15th night of Ghost Month the gates to heaven and hell are left open, allowing ghosts and dead people into the world to seek out delicious meals.

In that case, be careful about you do, say and eat during the Ghost Month, especially on the Ghost Festival on the night of the 15th — which falls on August 28 this year — when the King of the Underworld allows all spirits to eat, drink and play to their fill, which could cause some disruption to humans’ lives.

Hungry_Ghost_VietnamThough a sheet currency bill should not be picked up if found on the street during this month, a big wad of cash is okay


Don’t hang the washing at night since some ghosts may notice it and borrow your clothes for a while.

When they return them, they will leave a miasma which is likely to cause the next wearer a bad flu, headache or an even worse illness.


Never shout out another person’s name at midnight because ghosts will remember the name and later trick the person into follow them.


“A leg hair manages three evil entities.”

Claims an old saying.

Dear female readers, you should never wax a limb during these days.

Your leg hair will protect you from evil and all other spirits.

Thankfully, bikini waxing or underarm waxing is okay during the month.


Never steal even a single cookie or small guava from the offerings tray before it is offered to the spirits.

They could extract fierce revenge for eating their offerings on the sly.

If perchance you had committed this blunder before reading this, I unfortunately have no advice that could save your skin.

A sincere apology could help, though.


Do not take any photos of people at night, especially in dark places, unless you want to have an unsolicited companion standing beside them in the printed image.

It is okay to we-fie at night during the Ghost Month, just make sure who your companion is.


If you plan to celebrate your wedding this month, you could do worse than postpone it to next lunar month unless you are the kind who’d love to be available again soon after getting married.

The Ghost Month is associated with bad luck in daily life, including married life.


Don’t wear clothes with skull and bones images because the ghosts could mistake you for one of their own and take you back with them after their short visit to earth.


Don’t pick up any currency bills you see on the street during the month.

It could be money offered to the ghosts, who will come after you later to claim it back.

What if it is a large bill?

Then you are probably okay picking it up since some poor guy must have dropped it; people do not offer ghosts big bills. US dollars are also safe.


Don’t buy white clothes or have white suits made during this month. White clothes are for funerals.


If you are sick and hospitalized (may be because you committed some of the “don’ts” above), be sure to keep the light on in your room at night.

Otherwise, a wandering spirit from a nearby mortuary might, seeking out its favorite darkness, call on you.


Source: Thanh Niên News


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