Hà Nội cops to patrol on bicycles to create ‘friendly’ public image

Hà Nội authorities have approved a plan to have some of its police officers patrol on bicycles to cultivate an image that is “friendly and close” to the public.

According to the plan, state-owned company Thống Nhất will design and make specialized bicycles for the police.

VnExpress reported.

Police_BicycleThanh Hóa police officers patrol on bicycles

By patrolling on bicycles, officers of 12 downtown wards will be able to reach every small alley in the city, according to the plan.

After a three-month trial phase, the plan will be rolled out to the whole city.

But not everybody thinks it’s a good idea.

“How can they chase after criminals?

This is an impractical plan.”

Female reader Minh Nguyệt said in a comment on VnExpress.

“Friendliness is shown in the way they interact with the public and solve problems, not just by riding a bicycle.”

Male reader Huy said in another comment.

Police in Thanh Hóa and Đồng Tháp provinces have also patrolled on bicycles to improve their image.

Source: Thanh Niên News


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