Young at heart: How a 94-yr-old grandma became an Internet master

For an elderly woman in Hà Nội who can write, draw and surf the web, age is nothing but a number.

Lê Thi of Hà Đông District is 94 but her skin is fair, her voice is strong and her eyes are still sharp, news website Dân Trí reported.

Every day, she spends some time reading the news and contributing her opinions on some online forums, mostly literary forums.

She has a Facebook account and chats with her grandson, who is currently in Russia, via Facebook twice a week.

She admitted, with a smile, that she “types very slowly.”

Le_Thi_Internet_MasterLê Thi, 94, surfs the web with her laptop at home

Thi said she first learnt to use computers in 2000, with the intention to write a book. Her grandchildren then taught her to google.

In 2009, Thi got her biography, entitled “Ngược dòng” (Against the Stream), published by the Literature Publishing House.

She herself typed the 600-page book in two years.

She still writes every day about everything she has learnt in life.

She plans to write a novel entitled “The Twist of Life.”

Her writing speed varies.

There are days she can type 40 pages a day, there are days she just writes several lines.

“Now I can only write for  a few hours a day because my eyes and my back hurt.”

She said.

Thi said it took her two days to get used to the keyboard.

“I think we should learn what we don’t know, regardless of how old we are,” she said.

Thi also writes poems and paints.

She has around 2,000 paintings, most of which are landscape paintings.

“I draw whatever is close to me, and do not expect that I will become famous.”

She said.

She still writes every day about everything she has learnt in life

Thi became known by many in 1997 after the then culture minister visited her home to see her paintings and decided to open an exhibition for her.

Thi has never attended any art school.

When she was a kid, her father was a teacher and her house was full of books.

Whenever her father was away, she took the books from the shelves and started reading.

Thi is still in good health today.

She gets up early in the morning to do exercise.

She cooks.

She sews.

When asked about the key to a long life, she smiled and said she gave herself the joy of life.

“For me, work is glory.

I live to the fullest every day.

I do not get mad or lose my temper.”

Source: Thanh Niên News


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