A note to my dad

Father-memorialToday is the first death anniversary of my dad.

Although we didn’t get along well over these last few years, his demise is still the greatest loss that I have ever experienced up to this point of my life.

Sometimes I still can’t believe that he’s gone.

He has usually appeared in my dreams…

Sometimes saying something that I couldn’t recall.

Sometimes just being there.

Or sometimes trying to scare me (but of course I’m not scared after years of accumulating my spiritual energy)…

We used to be a happy family until the day alcohol badly ruined him.

I miss him.

Though I’m strong enough not to shed tears, deep down in my heart there are tears, blood and pain!

After all of these loss and grievance, I promise to myself to build an ideally happy family, be a good husband, a good father in whom my children can take pride.

My beloved father!

You will always be my source of strength.

No matter what have happened…


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