Việt Nam police asked to probe sex video featuring suspected monk

A local chapter of the Việt Nam Buddhist Sangha has called for a police investigation to verify the authenticity of a video purportedly showing a monk having sex with a woman that has gone viral online.

Over the past days, the video featuring images and footage of sex scenes between the monk and the woman has infuriated netizens.

The official news portal of the south-central province of Khánh Hòa was the first outlet to cover the case.

clipAn image of a suspected monk of a Khánh Hòa pagoda and a woman with their video going viral online 

Trần Sơn, a senior official with the Khánh Hòa branch, said Wednesday that the man featured in the even-and-a-half-minute edited video looked like a venerable at a pagoda in the province’s Nha Trang Town.

“We have been trying to get hold of the monk in question but to no avail.”

He said.

Sơn said he was not in a position to confirm the authenticity of the video, saying it might have been modified.

Thích Nguyên Quang of Khánh Hòa Buddhist Sangha Board of Trustees told dpa news agency that he was disappointed that the provincial newspaper ran the clip.

“I feel someone is trying to damage us.”

He was quoted by dpa as saying.

Earlier in October, the Buddhist sangha chapter in the northern province of Hải Dương has rebuked the head of a district chapter for posting several photos depicting a lavish life on his Facebook page.

Thích Thanh Cường, chief monk at the Cường Xá Pagoda in Hải Dương, drew heavy flak by posting pictures of himself opening a brand new iPhone 6 at a Hai Duong mobile phone store, talking on a luxury Vertu phone, posing in combat fatigues, with a luxury car, “hotboys” and exotic foreign locales.

Cuong was also dismissed as chief monk at the Cường Xá Pagoda in Hải Dương and head of the Từ Ký District Buddhist Management Board.


Source: Thanh Niên News


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