Another Vietnamese singer could face fine for revealing clothes

Singer Hương Tràm could face a fine and an official performance ban after racy pictures of the 19-year-old winner of The Voice Việt Nam 2012 went viral on social networks recently.

“We are considering a VND10 million (US$472) fine against this singer and possibly banning her for three months from performing in Hà Nội depending on the degree of the violation.”

Said Tô Văn Động, director of Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

On Thursday, the agency issued VND2 million fine against the Time Lounge Bar on Nguyễn Thái Học Street because it allowed a singer performing in skimpy clothes.

Hương Tràm wore the partially sheer dress while performing at the venue on August 25.

The garment bared her shoulders and revealed parts of her underwear. 

RevealingHương Tràm performing at the Time Lounge in Hà Nội on August 25 

Her manager, Hoàng Tuấn, said he only manages her bookings; the singer choses what to wear.

Hương Tràm later explained she wasn’t aware her skin-colored leggings would expose her underwear beneath the stage lights.

“[Inadvertent exposure] is an occupational accident.”

Said Tuấn, who also manages two male singers, Đan Trường and Cao Thái Son.

“But she’ll have to sincerely apologize for her mistake.”

He said Hương Tràm has already done so.

Huong Tram was born in 1995 to a family of singers.

Her father, Tiến Dũng, won a gold medal at the national singing competition in 1987 with the song “Đi trong hương tràm” (Walking in cajuput scent).

He is currently the deputy director of the Nghệ An Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Her mother is Singer Dư Thị Thủy of the Nghệ An Singing and Dancing Troupe.

Hương Tràm was the winner of the first season of the Giọng hát Việt, a Vietnamese adaptation of the American show The Voice, in 2012.

After a highly lauded performance of the song “I’ll always love you,” all four judges sought to draft her onto their teams of singers.

Hương Tràm chose singer Thu Minh as her coach.

Thu Minh was herself fined VND3.5 million for wearing skimpy clothes that exposed parts of her breasts during a music show titled Ngàn sao hội tụ (Convergence of a thousand stars) in Hồ Chí Minh City on April 20, 2012.

Thu_MinhSinger Thu Minh, who coached Hương Tràm at Giọng hát Việt, was fined in 2012 for performing in skimpy clothes

Thu Minh said the fine would have no impact on the selection of her attire. 

“I don’t care about the fine or the decree.”

She told reporters.

“I will wear sexy clothes on stage because it is compatible with my music and because I feel comfortable doing so.”

According to an updated decree on administrative punishment in culture in 2013, wearing clothing deemed “inappropriate to the performing purposes and offensive to Việt Nam’s pure tradition and fine customs” carries fines from VND5-10 million and a 3-6 month ban performance ban.

Meritorious Artist Lê Chức, the former deputy director of the national Performing Arts Department, said that in addition to music and fashion shows, sex and gratuitous bedroom scenes have replaced the violence that marked most popular culture a few years ago. 


Source: Thanh niên News


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