No beer after 10pm in Việt Nam?

The Ministry of Health has suggested banning the sales of beer and alcohol after 10:00pm in the draft law on the prevention of ill effects of alcoholic beverages in the community.

It suggests banning alcohol sale between 10:00pm and 6:00am in the following morning.

However, ideas have claimed that it is infeasible to carry out the ban.

Nguyễn Huy Quang, head of the legal department of the Ministry of Health, admitted that it is acceptable to establish a limit but authorities are studying measures to make the ban more effective if it is approved by the law-making National Assembly.

Beer-VNBeer promotion girls are pictured at an eatery, which is common in Hồ Chí Minh City

Last year, the traffic police department in Hồ Chí Minh City proposed to ban the sale of beer after 10:00pm.

However, it was not supported then by the city’s authorities.

Việt Nam has a heavy consumption of beer and alcohol and the amount has been increasing year after year.

In 2013, Vietnam consumed over three billion liters of beer, ranking third in Asia after Japan and China.

68,000 liters of wine were drunk in the year.

In 2012, the nation consumed 2.8 billion liters of beer and 63,000 liters of wine.

90 percent of Vietnamese adults drink beer and alcohol and every one in four drinkers consumes it at a harmful level which is from six glasses of beer a day or more, according to Quang.

Source: Tuổi Trẻ News


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