Việt Nam beauty queen barred from performances for marriage lie

The Performing Arts Department has suspended a beauty queen from performing in the country to punish her marriage status lie to join an international contest for unmarried women.

Lưu Thị Diễm Hương will be barred from joining artistic performances, fashion, beauty and model shows for breaching the rules of Miss Universe 2012, the department said in a Friday statement, without specifying how long the punishment will last.

The prohibited venues include hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs.

diemhuongLưu Thị Diễm Hương, Miss Việt Nam World 2010

Hoàn Vũ Company, which holds the exclusive right to send Vietnamese representatives to international beauty contests, received the department’s approval to send Hương to Miss Universe 2012 after she won Miss Việt Nam World 2010.

But when her husband, an overseas Vietnamese businessman, recently filed for a divorce it was revealed that Hương had married in November 2011.

The scandal was first reported on local media but the department said it has attained official evidence confirming that.

“Hương was married before the application submission for the contest and she was not honest about her personal profile.”

The department said.

It said Hương had deliberately disregarded the laws and violated the ethics code of performing artists.

Hương and the company had been ordered to have their say over the matter but both have kept mum.

The beauty already lost some public favor back during her peak days when her academic record from the private Hoa Sen (Lotus) University in Hồ Chí Minh City showed she failed seven subjects in one semester and scored a C or D in her other 11 subjects.


Source: Thanh Niên News


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