Hardship helps ethnic woman win SEA Games gold

Lưu Thị Duyên, a Mông ethnic minority woman, crowned on Saturday the first women’s boxing championship title for Việt Nam in SEA Games history thanks to the mental strength endowed by her parents.

The 20-year-old Duyên came from behind to defeat her rival from Thailand, Sudaporan Seesondee in the final game of the women’s 60kg category.

It was really her hard match because her opponent is an experienced and brisk former champion.

Duyên was inferior to the Thai during the first two sets of the match.

However, the situation changed in the last two sets when Duyên changed her tactics to stage a close fight with agile and violent blows.

The change gave Duyên more points after pushing her rival to a defense in embarrassment.

Duyên burst out crying when the referee raised her hand for victory.

It was the second time she cried in the ring but it was the tears of happiness.


Lưu Thi Duyên (red) wins the first women’s boxing championship title for Việt Nam in SEA Games history on Dec.14, 2013

Two years ago, she also cried in the ring at a final match but it was the tears of loss.

“In the break between the second and the third set, I looked up to the stands and saw many fans cheering to support me.

It reminded me of my parents who are working hard all day.

Those images suddenly made me powerful.”

Said Duyên after the win.

“I am also more determined after my loss at the 2011 SEA Games.

I have been on training from the beginning of this year in Thailand and the Philippines and only returned to Việt Nam right before leaving for Myanmar for this tournament.”

She added.

Duyên even deserves more respect since she was prescribed pain killer and applied ice bag on her elbow for injuries she endured in the previous matches.

She was awarded the title “The Best Athlete of Việt Nam of the Day” by Vietnamese sponsors with a cash prize of VND15 million (US$721).

Another Vietnamese boxer Hà Thị Linh, 20, won the second gold medal for Việt Nam in the women’s boxing 64kg event after she defeated host rival Kyu Kyu Hlaing in the final match.

Source: Tuổi Trẻ News


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