To cross a river

As bridges in upper Kôn River have collapsed due to floodwaters, local residents have to cross the swift-flowing water below aboard a raft or by a temporary bridge made of tree roots.

For daily commute, residents in Vĩnh Thạnh district cross the river on a raft, and by pulling at a rope, they move the raft to travel to and from their homes.

River _1A man risks his life as he tries to cross the river on a damaged bridge


There are concerns that local children could risk their lives with this method since there are no life-jackets or rescue equipment on the raft.

Around 260 families in O2, O3, O5 and Kon Tru villages are now isolated as suspension bridges connecting their villages to the outside world have collapsed, said Lê Công Chính, chairman of People’s Committee of Vĩnh Kim commune in Vĩnh Thạnh district.

River _2This collapsed suspension bridge is replaced by a bamboo raft tied to a long rope as a means of transportation

Chính added that people in some villages could not get access to reliefs after flooding because there are no bridges there.

“We plan to evacuate residents in O3 village to another place because it is located near Vĩnh Sơn 5 hydroelectric plant.

We are fixing O5 bridge but have no solution for the other bridges.”

He said.

River _3The raft puller has to be strong to prevent the raft from not being swept away by swift-flowing water

River _4A bridge made of tree roots in O2 village

River _5Đinh Thị Quỳnh in O5 village is unable to sell corns because a bridge in the area has collapsed

River _6About 18 strong men work as rope pullers to serve local people from early morning to 9pm everyday

River _7Children go to a primary school in O5 village without life-jackets

River _8People in O2 village walk for 8 hours only to receive instant-noodles as flood reliefs

Source: Tuổi Trẻ News


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