Hạ Long Bay to have seaplane services this year


Director of the Quảng Ninh Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr. Hà Quang Long, said seaplanes will be a new tourism product in Hạ Long Bay, a world natural heritage.

Long says that the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam’s (CAAV) idea of using seaplanes as a tourism product on Hạ Long Bay and Bái Tử Long Bay is a good one to contribute to attracting tourists to Quảng Ninh.

“We fully agree with the idea of using seaplanes to the development of tourism in Quảng Ninh.

With the advantage of 250 kilometers of coastline, with the Hạ Long Bay, Bái Tử Long Bay … the launch of seaplane routes will satisfy the need of international tourists.”

Long said.

Earlier, the CAAV last month had worked with Quảng Ninh authorities and relevant agencies to consult them on the launch of seaplane services in Quảng Ninh, at the proposal by the Hải Âu Aviation JSC.

Accordingly, Hải Âu Company will put into operation the charter flight services for tourists in Hạ Long Bay.

Đinh Việt Thắng, CAAV Deputy Director said seaplane is a new kind of tourism service in Việt Nam but it is quite popular in many countries around the world, especially those with long coasts and many rivers and lakes such as the USA, Canada, Indonesia, etc.

Việt Nam – with a long coastline and a dense river and canal system will create favorable conditions for the development of seaplane services.

This agency is fulfilling procedures for the establishment of the seaplane services in Quảng Ninh.

“If this plan is approved, it is expected that by the end of 2014, the seaplane service will be put into operation in Hạ Long Bay.

Initially, Hải Âu Company will import two seaplanes.”

Thắng said.

Quảng Ninh authorities have recently allowed Hải Âu Co to offer water taxi services.

The seaplanes that will be used in Hạ Long Bay is Cessna Grand Caravan 208B EX (the latest generation) of the U.S., 100 percent new, with 2 seats for pilots and 12 passenger seats.

This vehicle can be flexible, taking off and land on both land and water.

Source: Vietnamnet


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