The marooned, wasted museum

Like several other wasted buildings for public purposes in Việt Nam, Ninh Thuận’s museum lacks essential infrastructure to operate or exhibit its valuable artifacts.

The museum has no gateway or a parking lot and it doesn’t hold exhibits since its inauguration over a year ago.

The museum has hardly received visitors since.

The four-storey building on the 32,000 m2 piece of land was invested with nearly VND40 billion (US$1.9 million).

MuseumThe wasted Ninh Thuận Museum which has no gateway, parking lot or artifact displays

According to Trần Hữu Long, deputy director of the museum, when the museum just came into operation, the provincial People’s Committee planned to hand over the park surrounding the museum to the museum directorate to take care of, but they refused due to shortage of funding and staff.

The committee then handed over the park and the two lakes neighboring the museum to Phan Rang – Tháp Cham city People’s Committee, who later gave them to Thành Tài Co.

The museum has been ‘isolated’ since.

With no parking lot for its visitors, as the museum host an exhibit to celebrate its anniversary last June, its staff had to contribute money to rent a section of the park and used it as the parking lot for the museum but they suffered heavy losses.

Long added that after the inauguration, all some 30,000 artifacts have been put away in the warehouse while the exhibition room on the ground floor remains abandoned.

“It takes at least VND30 billion (US$1.4 million) to purchase the new equipment to display the artifacts properly.

Without them, the artifacts are highly susceptible to damage or theft.”

Long explained.

Though exhibition space was included in the museum design, the item was suspended due to the sharp decline in the State’s public investment.

At a recent meeting, deputy chair of the provincial People’s Committee requested the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to work with the Phan Rang People’s Committee on handing part of the land over to the museum directorate to build a gateway and a parking lot.

“If the museum hasn’t got funding from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the museum directorate should make the best of its available resources and hold more exhibits for the public.”

He stressed.

A number of heavily-invested museums and other types of buildings for cultural purposes nationwide have also been neglected and wasted since inauguration.



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