Côn Sơn – Kiếp Bạc Autumn Festival 2013 opens

KhaihoiConson2013On September 21st 2013, Hải Dương’s People’s Committee organized a ceremony to commemorate the 713th anniversary of the death of national hero Trần Hưng Đạo and open the Côn Sơn – Kiếp Bạc Autumn Festival.

The festival which lasted from 14th to 24th September is an important event of the province to respond to the National Tourism Year 2013.

In the festival, there were many cultural activities as parade from the Temple of Nam Tào and Bắc Đẩu, ceremony for peace, festival of flower garlands and coloured lanterns; program of art culture Chèo singing, Quan họ singing, dance and music shows, folk games…

On September 20th, the 571st commemoration ceremony for Nguyễn Trãi (1442 – 2013) – the national hero and the world’s cultural celebrity was also held at the Temple of  Nguyễn Trãi.


Source: TITC

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