Lak Lake – pride of Daklak

Waterfalls, forests, rivers and mountains are the pride of locals in the Central Highlands region.

For people in Daklak, along with Buôn Đôn Tourist Village, Trung Nguyên Coffee, Draysap and Trinh Nữ waterfalls, Lak Lake is the pride of the province.

Daklak, Lak Lake, motorboat, Buon Don Tourist Village, Trung Nguyen Coffee

Tourists take a cruise on Lak Lake in Daklak Province

After a long night on a sleeper bus from Hồ Chí Minh City, we reached Buôn Ma Thuột City and were woken up with a hot cup of coffee, warming our hands in the chill of the highlands.

Located about 50 kilometers south of Buôn Ma Thuột City and along National Highway 27, the 550-hectare Lak Lake is the largest body of fresh water in Liên Sơn Township.

One surprise is that the path to the lake is not surrounded by coffee plantations or pepper farms but is actually lined by immense rice fields.

We were informed that Lak District is the main rice granary for the province as the soil there is mixed with sand and also has the advantage of a fresh water source from the lake.

Daklak, Lak Lake, motorboat, Buon Don Tourist Village, Trung Nguyen Coffee

Travelers ride on the back of an elephant in Jun Village

We hired a room in nhà dài (long house) – a traditional house of the local ethnic community on the site.

Admission was a mere VND60,000 per person, which was inclusive of breakfast.

The best moment to admire the stunning landscapes on the lake is at dawn and sunset.

That is also the moment which attracted many photographers.

We hired bicycles to tramp around the area.

Reaching Jun, a village about two kilometers away, we changed our transport to move onto some elephants.

With a price of VND250,000 for 30 minutes per couple, we had so much fun and a really unforgettable experience.

Another thing that cannot be missed at Lak Lake is cruising along the lake to admire the peaceful surroundings and take in the calm of daily life.

Some birds hovering in the sky, some fishermen sailing their wooden boats slowly and in the distance, a motorboat taking students from school, all create lively picture-perfect moments in our eyes.

Source: The Saigon Times


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