The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism calls for more candidates for Tourism Ambassador

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has received applications for the position of Việt Nam Tourism Ambassador from five candidates, so it has called for other candidates to participate in the selection, with October 31 as deadline.

Talking to the media yesterday, August 6, Mr. Nguyễn Văn Tình, Director of the Ministry’s International Cooperation Department, said the agency had received the applications of Miss Southeast Asia Lê Thị Diệu Hân, the runner-up of Miss USA Asia Châu Mộng Như, actress Lan Phương, Miss Tourism Huỳnh Thị Ngọc Hân, and teacher Đỗ Thị Hồng Thuận.

“All records are satisfactory and all candidates have their action programs.

However, we would like to call other applicants and the deadline lasts until October 31.”

Tình said.

Actress Lý Nhã Kỳ had a successful term as the first Tourism Ambassador

The International Cooperation Agency is consulted relevant bodies on the regulation of the activities of the Tourism Ambassador.

According to the draft, the term may be extended to two years, instead of only one year.

Tourism Ambassadors may be appointed for each location, each market and for specific activities.

Also, the draft regulations do not require candidates to have certain degrees, but social influential.

Referring to funding for tourism ambassadors, Tình said tourism ambassadors enjoy the same mechanism for state employees when they make overseas business trips.

They can also call for funding from businesses for tourism promotional activities.

Mr. Nguyễn Mạnh Cường, Deputy head of the Việt Nam National Tourism Administration said that Thanh Hóa, Hà Nội, Đà Nẵng, Khánh Hòa, Quảng Ninh have established Support Centers for tourists.

Hội An has decided to install cameras at major tourist sites.

In addition, other provinces have set up interdisciplinary inspection teams and asked traffic police forces to assist travelers.

Cường added that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has organized inspection teams in many provinces, trying to build the image of a friendly, safe Việt Nam.

Source: Vietnamnet


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