Visiting Đá Bàn stream, Phú Quốc in the rain

The rainy season helps cool us down from the scorching sun these days and where better to enjoy the cool air but in a stream inside a jungle.

So, pack your bags and head to Phú Quốc Island off Kiên Giang Province to discover Đá Bàn stream where there are numerous huge and flat stones like tables sitting there waiting for you to enjoy.

Legend has it that this was where fairies came to swim.

Phu Quoc, Da Ban stream, Kien Giang

A closeup view of Đá Bàn Stream on Phú Quốc Island

The stream originates from Hàm Ninh, the highest and longest mountain among the 99 peaks on Phú Quốc.

From a distance, tourists can hear the water cascading but the closer they come, the stronger they hear the sounds.

Đá Bàn falls down from a great height and spreads around many places that are blocked by some giant stones to create smaller waterfalls.

Travel agencies on Phú Quốc usually take travelers to Tranh stream instead of Đá Bàn as the road to Đá Bàn is not easy.

Thus, most people who visit this place are self-sufficient travelers accompanied by their acquaintances.

From Dương Đông Town center, tourists are advised to follow Nguyễn Trung Trực Street towards Bãi Thơm beach and turn right to Dương Tô Town.

Then, they can ask local people to reach Đá Bàn Stream Tourist Site to which admission costs VND5,000.

Tourists have to cross a suspension bridge over a small pond then turn right and go straight to get to the stream.

Those who don’t dare to walk on the bridge can take a wooden one which is some steps away.

Tourists can bring food and drinks to treat themselves in the shade as they can use the big rocks as ready made tables.

Sandals and insect-prevention lotion are also a must.

Source: The Saigon Times

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