Saigonese show love to city via animation

A number of animated clips about Sài Gòn are well-received by local netizens not only for their interesting contents but also for their maker’s love towards the city.

Last September, a stop-motion video titled “Sài Gòn  Here We Come” was widely-shared on social networks and received compliments for its simple but lovely content about the city.

Made by Nguyễn Khiêm, the 3-minute video depicts a boy’s tour around the city’s tourist attractions including Bến Thành Market, Sài Gòn River and Sài Gòn Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Sài Gòn’s famous phở and street foods are also brought into the clips, giving viewers an overview of the city.

Although some comment that the video is too simple and doesn’t depict fully Sài Gòn, many people support it.

“I’m living in Sapa and your clip just makes me love Sài Gòn,”

Chuan wjndy, a Youtube user commented.

Another video about Việt Nam’s most crowded city was made last month, causing a stir among netizens.

The video titled “Gửi Sài Gòn, Từ một đứa con xa nhà” (To Saigon, from a child away home) was the work of a group of overseas students called Chuyen2hsang.

In their 7-minute video, the video narrator recalled the memories she had at the time she lived in Sài Gòn.

The girl, with a typical southern accent, expressed she missed cơm tấm (broken rice), bánh mì (bread), traffic jam, street vendors, or even rains in Sài Gòn.

The video attracted the attention of many students studying abroad who also missed their homeland.

It has been widely shared on social networks.

“Such a great clip.

I’m also away from home like you and I miss Việt Nam so much.

Watching the clip makes me homesick.

Thank you so much.”

Amy Đỗ wrote on Youtube.

Not only people away from home, many Saigonese are also touched.

“I’ve been living in Sài Gòn for 30 years and never had a feeling about the city like yours.

I gave myself 10 minutes to think about Sài Gòn after watching your video since I’ve never left Saigon for longer than 3 days,”

Hữu Tín Châu Quỳnh added.

The most recent video about the southern city is “Tôi yêu Sài Gòn” (I love Sài Gòn) made by Bùi Phạm Thanh Tú from the Văn Lang University as his graduation project.

The video explains the special reason that makes people keep rushing to Sài Gòn despite the city’s high population density.

In just a few minutes, “Tôi yêu Sài Gòn” gives an overview of the city’s history and geography as well as how these factors have an influence on the Saigonese’s personalities.

In “Tôi yêu Sài Gòn,” the city is described as a place of diversity since it gathers cultures of not only many regions in the country but also many countries in the world and a typical example is its cuisine.

People can easily find foods of India, France, Germany, Japan, Korea and many other countries. It’s also not hard to find local specialties from other localities in this southern city.

Besides giving compliments on the graphics and techniques used in the video, many viewers expressed their love to Sài Gòn after watching the clip.

“We’re Saigonese and we’re proud to say so.”

Huỳnh Kha commented on YouTube.



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