Experiencing cooking tour in Hội An ancient town

The guidebook Lonely Planet has ranked cooking tourism services in Hội An in the “Top 10” of the special travel experiences in the world such as Surfing in Hawaii (USA), Yoga in Rishikesh (India), Learning calligraphy at Kyoto (Japan), Training Kung fu at  Shaolin Temple (China), Learning Spanish in Patagonia (Argentina)…

The trips organised by the Western Travel Agencies to Asian countries were often associated with cuisine activities.

The most especial attraction may be the cooking classes where the local delicacies are guided to make.

Visitors will have their opportunity to choose ingredients and make the local dishes by themselves.

It is the best way for visitors to learn more about native country.

hoian_cookingclassCooking classes organised in many restaurants and hotels in Hội An

Visitors often like to choose the cooking classes in Hội An among those in Hà Nội or Hồ Chí Minh City because of the charm scenery of  Hội An ancient town.

The cooking classes are often held in the tranquil gardens or in the ancient houses where visitors can learn to cook local unique specialties and  dishes of Vietnamese cuisine such as phở, bún bò…

They are also guided to go to the Hội An market to buy fresh raw materials sold by friendly sale-men.

According to Caroline Mills, a reporter of Travelfish.org – an online travel magazine, the two most unique features that make the attraction of Hội An tourism are the tailoring service and cooking instructions.

She said:

“Hội An is a paradise of culinary enthusiasts.

Anyone once ate in the restaurants there, the next thing on the list of what they should do is attending a cooking class.

It was a fascinating experience that they have in Hội  An to show off to their friends at home, that they can make a dinner with Hội An’s specialties.

It is here that I became tricky:

I love everything when preparing a family meal in Hội  An.

Everything was perfect, from the butcher at the market (she always giggling and happy to welcome me) to the friendly grocer.

The cooking classes in Hội An were held in several places in the ancient town such as the Red Bridge Restaurant (in village 4, Cẩm Thành), Green Bamboo restaurant (Trương Minh Hùng, Cẩm An ward)….

You can enroll in Morning Glory Restaurant (106 Nguyễn Thái Học).

Here you will learn how to make Hội An’s street foods, especially to discover the secrets of the famous bánh xèo (fried pancake).

Besides, visitors can also enroll the half-day cooking tour Taste of Hội An (Hương Vị Hội An – 109 Nguyễn Thái Hoc) by Neville Dean, an Australian who came to live in Hội An with his wife few years ago.

This cooking tour has now been attracting many visitors from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Source: QNO


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