Chinese language, a bridge connecting Việt Nam and China

Chinese-Bridge“I want to become an interpreter after graduation from university.

I will be a cultural ambassador, helping the Vietnamese and Chinese peoples to know each other to contribute to strengthen the long and finely friendship between the two countries.”

Said Lê Thị Phương Thoa.

The third-year student from Hà Nội University defeated other 12 competitors from 11 universities at the contest of the North Việt Nam Division of the 12th Chinese Bridge -Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students which was held in Việt Nam’ s capital Hà Nội on Saturday.

“I choose to learn Chinese because I like Chinese culture and language very much.

China is a country with long cultural history.

Chinese language allows me to know more about Chinese culture.”

The student said.

“I now find that studying Chinese is a right choice.

I feel very happy when becoming the winner of the contest.

I have tasted the initial sweetness of fruitful results.”

The 21-year-old student could not hide her happiness.

“In the past years, the relationship between China and Việt Nam has developed strongly in politic, economic and cultural areas.

Along with the development, the demand for high-level Chinese- speaking people will be booming.”

Liu Sanzhen, cultural counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Việt Nam, addressed the contest as saying.

“I hope that through learning Chinese language, Vietnamese students can use their knowledge to introduce their country to the Chinese people, contributing to cementing the friendship between the two countries.”

Said Liu.

“Chinese Bridge Contest is a good playground for Chinese- learning students to express their love and knowledge about China.

I hope that the contest will further promote cultural exchange between Việt Nam and China.”

Said Trần Quang Binh, vice rector of the Hà Nội University.

As China and Việt Nam are long traditional neighboring countries with developing cooperation, Chinese Bridge Contest among other activities for Chinese-studying people is expected to be a concrete bridge linking the two nations and boosting exchanges between the two countries.




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