Hà Nội one of world’s best destinations for street food: Lonely Planet

Việt Nam’s capital city of Hà Nội, along with other famous destinations worldwide, was listed in the top 10 walking tours for globetrotting foodies by lonelyplanet.com in April.

Those loving street food will have to plan their Hà Nội tours well to enjoy the specialties offered by the capital city, according to the website.

Martin-YanChef Martin Yan is eating to eat gossamer-light Bánh Cuốn in Hà Nội, under the framework of the reality show “Taste of Vietnam” to promote Vietnamese culinary last year

Hà Nội tours should begin at the bustling Châu Long market in Hà Nộii’s labyrinthine Old Quarter before visiting places that serve local street food, including Phở Bò (beef noodle soup), robust Bánh Xèo (egg crepes), and gossamer-light Bánh Cuốn, (steamed rice crepes filled with minced pork, shallots and mushrooms), said lonelyplanet.com.

Later, the tour should end at Café Duy Trí, located at 43A Yên Phụ Street in Tây Hồ District for a special flavor, Sữa Chua Cà Phê (coffee with yoghurt), in order to discover the Hà Nội coffee culture, which is, according to caffeine – loving travel writer Leif Pettersen, one of the best and most distinctive coffee cultures in the world.

“Vietnamese coffee can’t possibly linger in relative obscurity for much longer.

Indeed, I’m mystified as to why there isn’t a Vietnambucks on every trendy corner in the US already.”

He said.

Lonely Planet, the world’s largest travel guide book publisher, was recently sold by BBC Worldwide to Kentucky billionaire Brad Kelley’s NC2 Media for US$75 million.

The company changed its name from Lonely Planet Publications to Lonely Planet in July 2009.

Moreover, Hà Nội was also named by CNN as one of ten greatest street food cities in Asia in March.

The website introduced the top 10 Hanoi street foods, including phở, bún chả (grilled pork noodle), bún riêu cua (freshwater crab noodles), barbecue chicken (grilled chicken wings and feet), and xôi (sticky rice with crushed peanuts and sesame salt).

Food lovers can get more information about Hanoi cuisine through http://www.hanoicookingcentre.com.

The following list is the Top 10 walking tours for globetrotting foodies by lonelyplanet.com :

1. Street food in Hà Nội, Việt Nam

2. Craft beer in Gastown, Vancouver

3. Markets in two continents, Istanbul

4. French street food, Nice 5. North Beach’s Italian heritage, San Francisco

6. Discovering Brick Lane, London

7. Hawker food, Georgetown, Penang

8. Hobart’s emerging food scene, Tasmania

9. Mexican street food, Mexico City

10. Coffee, cheese and beer in Wellington

Source: tuoitrenews.vn

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