Vietnamese people through the lens of foreign photographers

More and more photos of the people and the country of Việt Nam have appeared at international photo contests.

Photographers from different countries have endless inspiration for Việt Nam.

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer

Cooking dinner:

A girl captured while cooking dinner and boiled rice for her family.

By Davide De Conti (Italian)

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer

Portrait of a singer:

A Vietnamese singer captured after her performance in a temple in Hà Nội.

By Davide De Conti

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer

A reluctant hello:

A shy young boy from a small mountain village in northern Việt Nam chose to hide in the trees and observe from a distance as his friends surrounded me, calling out the familiar “Hello!”s that travelers to Việt Nam so enjoy.

By Dave Mercer (Canadian)

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer

Little candle lantern boy:

Preparing for the Tết New Year, a small boy lights candle lanterns to be placed in the Flower River, Hội An.

By Jason Rogers (American)


Incense peddler:

A Flower Hmong Tribeswoman peddling her family specialty product, incense is just one numerous families plying their wares among the hustle and bustle of the Bắc Hà market in the Lào Cai Province.

By Jason Rogers

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer


An elderly lady waits for tourists on her boat in Hội An.

By Rio Akasaka (Japan)

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer

Rice reflection:

I was walking from town to town and saw landscapes full of lovely rice-fields.

I thought they would serve well as a reflective surface for a nice sunset or landscape.

Only a moment later there was a person walking on the border of a rice-field.

I took my camera and did not shoot the person, but her reflection in the rice-field.

Afterwards I turned it upside-down which gave me this result.

By Adriaan Devillé (Belgium).

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer

A veteran in Huế City by Sergio Díaz Fernández (Mexico)

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer

Timelessness by Robert Raduenzel (America)

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer


I was invited in this man’s house for a drink.

I thought that he was planning on giving me a hot cup of tea.

Instead I got some self-made rice wine, one after another.

We sat there for about two hours communicating without speaking.

All the children of this town came to see the strange tourist and I had one of my best moments in my life.

By Adriaan Devillé.



This man smoked a large pipe and I waited for the moment the smoke came out of his nose.

By Adriaan Devillé.

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer

Sellers of Việt Nam:

Seen here is a typical hawker in Việt Nam.

She sells fruits and other eatables mostly.

Spotted her in the ancient port town of Hội An in Central Việt Nam.

Such hawkers are a common sight in the country.

Getting her against a yellow old wall was indeed a precious frame to carry home.

By Shynil Hashim.

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer


For me the silhouette of that woman walking on the beach at sunset head up after the end of her hard working day as a fruits seller represents the dignity and the courage of all these Vietnamese women.

By Mariyan Dimitrov (UK).

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer

The waterfight:

The darkness of the laneway gives way to a vista of light that shines down on two brothers as they splash each other with water to relieve the humidity of the air that fills the day.

By Ben Johnson (Australia).

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer

Give me 5!

This picture was taken in the highland of Sa Pa, Việt Nam.

A foggy afternoon in the center of Sa Pa.

A Hmong girl with her kindness smile called that guy who already went out from the cafe.

I think they knew each others so well, they chat, they tease and they laugh.

Even though she had a limitation in English,  that guy show really interested listening her story.

Limitation and differences didn’t restrict friendship.

By Noni Andriani.

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer

Your smile:

My Father used to teach me in this life you should happy what you joyful right now, cause around us still have homeless people.

I didn’t care about it till i saw this boy, who gave me the pure smile of childhood.

It’s amazing feeling to see this boy in lunar new year, while people enjoy there party and everybody going out paid for luxury hobbies, the boy keep cleaning shoes to get money back for his strict dad. Just a pure smile … Your smile touched my soul …

By Bồng Nguyễn (Việt Nam).

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer

East Meets West:

French Citroen car in the beautiful mountain town of  Đà Lạt, Việt Nam.

By American author Loren Klein.

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer

Long Tuyền Pagoda:

Temple complex on the outskirts of the World Heritage town of Hội An in Central Việt Nam.

The pagoda was in the process of a major clean up just prior to the Tết celebrations as it’s believed that if the new year starts off all fresh and sparkling that it will lead to good fortune in the coming year.

By Australian author Mike Lee-Ack.

vietnam, people, landscape, photographer

Morning rush:

In Hội An, locals head out to the markets in the early morning to get the freshest produce possible.

By American author Ayelet Daniel.

Soucre: National Geographic / VietnamNet

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