5-year-old boy drives motorbike, carrying 2 adults

A video clip featuring a little boy, around 5 years old, riding a motorbike and carrying two adults behind, has caused a stir among local netizens after it was posted lately.


A scene from the video clip depicting a 5-year-old boy himself ride the motorbike carrying his parents

In the 1-minute-30-second clip, the little boy comfortably takes command of the vehicle, apparently with the approval of the two grown-ups sitting behind who are probably his parents.

The boy even smiles while the two express pride and happiness as can be seen on their faces.

The person who filmed the video had to remind the boy to watch out when the kid kept staring at the camera.

The two adults in the clip have been severely criticized by viewers who said their action jeopardized the safety of themselves, of the kid and of people travelling on the road.

“The couple lost their mind letting the kid ride the vehicle.

The three could have been in danger if the boy had lost control.”

Reader Đặng Bá Châu commented.

“I think the police should investigate and have strict penalty on them to avoid other similar cases.”

Another reader named LVAN wrote to Tuổi Trẻ.

Source: tuoitrenews.vn


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