Vietnamese cabbie returns $2,400, credit cards to forgetful tourists

taxiA transport company on Tuesday rewarded a Đà Nẵng taxi driver for returning cash and credit cards an Australian couple had left behind in one of its cabs.

Nguyễn Kim Tân, the driver employed by the Mai Linh Taxi Company, contacted the hotel where Carter John Frareis and his wife had stayed in order to return their bag containing Australian and US notes worth around US$2,400 and ten credit cards.

Việt Nam’s 2012 annual income per capita is around $1,555.

Tân said he drove the couple from the Sandy Beach Hotel to the Đà Nẵng International Airport for their return flight to Australia on May 19.

Upon realizing the couple had left behind belongings, Tân returned to the airport but could not find them so he gave the bag to his boss and informed the hotel.

Meanwhile, the Australian couple also returned to the hotel, where their property was returned to them by Tân and a Mai Linh representative.

Mai Linh awarded Tan VND2 million ($95) for his honesty.

Two Mai Linh taxi drivers in Hội An last October also contacted local hotels to return cash and mobile phones worth nearly $10,500 to a Vietnamese tourist and a camera worth $477 to a British one.

Such cases are welcomed contradictions to the series of stories that have been widely reported recently involving drivers and other service providers ripping off foreign tourists, especially in Hồ Chí Minh City and Hà Nội.

Source: Thanh Niên Newspaper

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