A strange rock at Hùng Kings Temple

RockThe front and back of the rock at the Thượng Temple, in the relic of Hùng Kings Temple in Phú Thọ province, have unknown characters and square patterns.

It is rumored that the stone is a form of enchantment.

Vietnamese netizens have been talking about a rock of about 50 cm high, in the form of a sail, placed on a platform in the Thượng Temple.

The front and back of the rock have complicated ancient hieroglyphics and square patterns.

Some said that this rock is a kind of strange enchantments that is not good.

Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Các, director of the Management Board of the Hùng Kings Temple Relic, said this rock was donated by a Hà Nội’s man named Khâm in 2009, when the relic was repaired.

Các’s predecessor, Mr. Nguyễn Văn Khôi, previously had to submit a written explanation to the authorities of Phú Tho province for admitting the strange rock.

Các said there is no ground to identify the rock as good or bad.

Phú Tho will establish a scientific committee to “study” the rock.

The committee will release its scientific conclusions and recommendations towards the strange stone after this year’s festival.

Source: Tiền Phong newspaper

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