Hạ Long destined for cherry blossom festival

Under the motto:

“A Japanese culture in Hạ Long”

the Cherry Blossom-Hạ Long 2013 Festival will take place in Lán Bè Park, Hạ Long City.

The festival, from April 11-17, will encompass a series of events to mark the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Việt Nam and Japan (September 21, 1973), and the Việt Nam-Japan Friendship Year.

The event will also be seen as a celebration of the 50th founding anniversary of Quảng Ninh and the 20th  anniversary of the establishment of Hạ Long City.

Five cherry blossom plants “Garyuu” taken from TakayamaCity and 100 branches of cherry blossom “Hikan” presented by Nago City will be on display.

In addition, the festival will consist of a cultural art performance between local and Japanese artists, parades, a tuna gastronomy, a tourism exhibition and a tea ceremony.

 Source: VGP

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