Foreign tourists go to Việt Nam to… eat, why not?

Vietnamese food, which is considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide, would be developed to attract more tourists to Việt Nam.

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Many foreign travelers accept to queue up to wait for their turn to taste phở at traditional phở shops in Hà Nội

When arriving in Hà Nội, phở (noodle soup served with chicken, beef…) proves to be the first dish travelers want to enjoy first.

This is why many foreign travelers accept to queue up to wait for their turn to taste phở at traditional phở shops in Hà Nội.

Sue Slatter, a teacher of a vocational school in California in the US, said before coming to Việt Nam, she was told that people had to queue up for phở, and she became so curious why.

And she finally found out the reason:

Hà Nội’s phở was wonderful for her.

The traveler said she can also taste phở in the US, but phở in Hà Nội is quite different:

It is moreish and delicious, while the noodle is not as thick as the one served in the US. And its flavor was wonderful.

David Jackman, a cook from the US, said Vietnamese phở is very delicious, which is the result of the selective use of species to create a fine taste.

He said he could not understand why the beef is so soft and delicious.

Especially, he likes the atmosphere at the phở shop:

People come and sit close to each other.

While eating, David and other customers could change their taste by adding the species available on the tables.

After tasting the traditional phở, the travelers came to visit the workshop that makes noodles in the ancient street area.

They got so surprised that there could be such a modern workshop existing in the ancient area of the capital city.

The owner of the workshop said that it makes noodles in accordance with the recipe handed down from generation to generation.

However, the most important factor of the noodles is that no food additives have been used.

More and more foreign travelers have registered the tours which allow them not only to enjoy but also to learn how to prepare the Vietnamese traditional dishes.

Nguyễn Xuân Quỳnh, Managing Director of Việt Nam Now Travel, said that the firm has organized the tours with which travelers can go shopping at traditional markets in Hà Nội, can learn how to prepare traditional dishes.

As for the tourists who are interested in the tradition in Vietnamese cuisine, they would be guided to go to the Nhà Bè traditional market by Ánh Tuyết, a craftswoman.

In another tour, travelers can do sightseeing by pedicabs, go to traditional markets, visit ancient streets and learn how to prepare some traditional dishes.

Made Suryasa from Indonesia also said he was impressed by the way the Vietnamese cooks mix the species, balance the salinity and sweetness to reach such a fine taste.

The man assured that he really likes Hà Nộii’s food and he would prepare Hanoi’s dishes as soon as he returns home, because he really loves cooking.

Quỳnh from Việt Nam Now Travel affirmed that Vietnamese traditional cuisine could be the most important product to lure foreign travelers.

However, Quỳnh also said that though special food is considered a great advantage of Việt Nam’s tourism, most of the travelers just can taste Vietnamese food, while they still can experience culinary tours in the true sense of the word.

A lot of travel firms have suggested making investment to develop culinary tours to advertise Việt Nam’s tourism.

Đỗ Thị Hồng Xoan, Chair of the Việt Nam Hotel Association, has revealed that a plan on training 1,000 Vietnamese cooks has been set up.

However, this is just the first step Việt Nam needs to take to attract travelers with its traditional cuisine.

Source: Việt Nam Net

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