Who am I, a Vietnamese young lady?

LittleQI am a bad girl.

But I am not attempting to confess, I just simply acknowledge who I am.

I am a real bad girl as said:

“Good girls go heaven, bad girls go everywhere.”

I’m good at being a bad girl if we go by this meaning.

I did plenty of travels, wandered around, I just go everywhere  whenever I can…

But that is not bad, you’d say.

I’m telling you…

While women who are as the same age as me in my country have been settling down with their high profile jobs, buying houses, getting married, having kids…

I broke everything down, quit my job, flew down to the States and begun what we call “dolce far niente’, the sweetness of doing nothing.

Because life is too short to put off my dreams.

And my only dream for so many years was pursuing a higher education in the States.

I worked hard for years and was paid off:

I live my dream life in Boston right now.

I have fun with myself by doing nothing…

Well, really, rarely do I do any thing related to “life time career” since then except going to a graduate school, acing examinations, reading hundred of books (well, don’t ask me if I read Kamasutra, I won’t tell) wandering around and laughing.

But not only am I a student, I am, firstly, a woman, a very feminine woman.

So I do have a lot of fun dating myself.

I go out to fine dinning restaurants alone, wear La Perla/VS stuff and MAC Russian red lipstick sometimes when I’m on my books and assignments.

Other single women have a great need  of being with or dating their men.

I have a need of being by my own and reserve quality of time to hang out with myself before dating any gentleman.

Wait, did I tell you I sometimes do cry?

Who doesn’t, anyway?

But some drops of tears couldn’t make me a better girl.

So I decide to live my life by laughing all my way through it although there are some good people out there do intend to make me cry.

They just love me so much that they want me to be like them, feel like them and live like them.

But I am not.

Never ever.

Because I am such a bad girl.

The other little thing I have been doing with my life for years and I’m really good at is making myself happy.

This little world is all about it.

My interests include Psychology, Leadership, Social media, Anti-aging and the art of cleansing and detoxification, Culinary, Language (I am working on Portuguese) and inter-culture communications.

My friends call me Kool, some call me Q…


Source: mamson.net

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