Việt Nam to double fines for adulterous people


Việt Nam will hike fines imposed on people engaging in extramarital relationships by two times, according to a draft decree recently announced by the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice.

Local media reported that these adulterous people will be fined up to VND1 million (US$48) while current regulations require that they pay VND100,000 to VND500,000.

They cited Article 46 of the document as instructing that married people must pay VND200,000 to VND1 million if they marry or live together with another individual like husband and wife.

The directive adds that single people who get married or cohabit with those they know to be married will be subject to the same fines.

The pecuniary punishment will also be imposed on same-sex marriages and matrimony between blood relatives, parents and adoptees, parents and their former adopted children, parents-in-law and children-in-law, and step-parents and step-children.

These people will be required to end their relationships alongside the penalties, the article says.

Việt Nam currently bans same-sex marriage, even though the country has grown to have a more tolerant viewpoint toward homosexual people.

The draft decree says that those who arrange marriages for minors or intentionally maintain a matrimonial relationship with them will be charged VND100,000 to VND400,000 in fines, a two-fold increase in comparison with the existing law.



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