A day of cyclo racing in Phú Mỹ Hưng

Cyclo is not only for transport, cyclo is also to race, decorate, and raise funds for children.

All such aspects were realized this morning at the Crescent Lake in the new urban center of Phú Mỹ Hưng in Hồ Chí Minh City.

Around US$30,000 was collected this morning thanks to the 2013 Sài Gòn Cyclo Challenge held on Sunday morning, March 10, in District 7.

Over 90 percent of the fund will be used to sponsor disadvantaged children through education, which is the common target of over 1,000 people in the audience and the participating racing teams.

At the cheerful relay cyclo race on the side of the CrescentLake, HSBC finished a ‘hat-trick’ today, when they were crowned the championship title – the third consecutive win in three most recent years.

The Crown team finished second and the Pizza Hut was at the third place.

The 13th edition of the annual race had eight main sponsors who were also the eight competing teams including HSBC, Hoàng Long Hoàn Vũ, TNK Việt Nam, Crown, Giant, Pizza Hut, YanTV/Yan News, and a ‘star team’ of host SCC All-Star.

Singer Quang Bảo, a racer from the YanTV/Yan News, said after finishing his race:

“My cyclo is very heavy and I think you cannot race on a cyclo without swerving it.”

The YanTV/Yan News was the team receiving most enthusiastic and cheerful support from the audience, not only because the racers are bright faces from showbiz but also because they spent the longest time on the track.

Besides racing, the teams decorated their cyclos with flying balloons, flowers and nice looking women and men accompanying their ‘works of art’.

For the deco contest, TNK won first prize thanks to their colorful cyclo and fun-filled performances of hip-hop dances by TNK staff.

Following are some images of the event:

cyclo 2

 A star of the ‘all-star’ Yan TV/Yan News 

 cyclo 3

 Singer Quang Bảo, on his cyclo on the track,  said you cannot race a cyclo without swerving it 

 cyclo 4

 Working assiduously for the benefits of children 

 cyclo 5

 Two stylish speakers on the stage

 cyclo 6

 TNK hip-hop dancers perform by the Crescent Lake to support their team 

 cyclo 7

 Dances and playing acrobatics to highlight their deco cyclo going behind 

 cyclo 8

 The deco cyclo of TNK that wins the first prize 

 cyclo 9

 Racers of HSBC celebrate right after crossing first the destination line 

cyclo 10  HSBC celebrate their victory

Source: tuoitrenews.vn


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