French agencies to host Vietnamese folk painting workshop


The French Development Agency (AFD) and the French Academy of the Far East (EFEO) will hold a workshop on “Vietnamese folk painting – Trio painting sets” today 26 February 2013.

The workshop will take place at 18:00 pm in IDECAF hall at 28 Lê Thánh Tôn  Street, District I, Hồ Chí Minh City.

The workshop will bring together many speakers, including Professor Phan Huy Lê (Chairman of the Vietnamese History Association), Philippe Papin (The Ecole pratique des hautes études), Olivier Tessier (EFEO representative in Việt Nam) and Pascal Bourdeaux (EFEO representative in Hồ Chí Minh City).

The speakers will present the drafts of color paintings of Lục Vân Tiên, which dated from the late nineteenth century, and two other studies done in the first half of the twentieth century in northern Việt Nam.

While the former is expected to be published soon, the latter – ‘Technical encyclopedia’ of the Henri Oger, and ‘Folk paintings’ of Maurice Durand – has been reprinted recently.

Aesthetic value and the promotion of Vietnamese folk culture and the conservation of written material heritage is the focus of this event.

In addition, the exhibition with the same content will also be held at the Institute of Cultural Exchange with France (IDECAF) until 6 April 2013, displaying 15 pictures on the subject, including images culled from the two works and unpublished wood carvings of the Lục Vân Tiên colored paintings.

The event is within the cultural program celebrating the 40th anniversary of the France – Việt Nam cooperation.

AFD, the main operator of French development aid policy, has committed more than 1.3 billion euros for 69 projects since being operational in 1994.

EFEO, a research institution with more than 100 years old, continues its mission to conserve heritage and scientific research in the field of social sciences and humanities since opening a center in Hà Nội in 1993.



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