The unique tricks to seduce customers that can be seen only in Việt Nam

In the context of the low market demand, manufacturers and service providers have to use original methods to attract customers.

 Super-size ad piece posted on the roads

A lot of special paintings have appeared on the surface of the roads in Hồ Chí Minh (HCM) City in recent days.

These, in fact, are the advertisement pieces which say that a coffee chain needs investors.

The email and mobile phone number for contact were shown here in big letters on the road, visible to everyone.

Local residents say they have never seen such classified advertisements before in the central area of HCM City.

The paintings have been erased as ordered by the city’s authorities.

However, the ad pieces still leave marks on the road.

Shop owner meet and see off customers

The Kim Thảoo Fetal Duck Egg Shop in district 2 of HCM City has been trying every possible method to please their customers.

Most recently, the shop owner decided to meet and see off customers with cars.

Especially, no additional charge has been applied, despite the additional service of carrying customers.

Every fetal duck egg is still sold at 7000 dong.

The shop owner said the additional bonus service has pleased customers.

She also does not worry about the additional expenses on the fuel.

The extra money she has to pay can be offset with the higher number of eggs she can sell.

The original service has helped Kim Thảo shop make unbelievable records.

Everyday, it sells 1500 eggs, which brings the turnover of 10 million đồng.

There was one person who ate 15 eggs at the same time.

Another reportedly ate eggs everyday for two consecutive months.

The furthest customer lived in Đà Lạt City, 300 kilometers away from Đà Lạt, who carried eggs away with his private car.

The boss and the staff join in a collective dance

More than 200 officers and the leadership of MISA company in the north joined the MISA Style dance.

This is the idea initiated by MISA when the company made a video clip to advertise its brand in the crisis period.

The 200 officers have to join the dance, while the shots needed to be carried out in many different places.

Giving odd names to seduce customers

A restaurant on Triệu Việt Vương street in Hà Nội has surprised its customers with a special menu with a lot of dishes with unfamiliar names:

“Heo chạyy quanh rừng”

(Pigs run around the forest),


“Rừng hoang muôn thú”

(The forest with numerous wild animals).

At first, clients get surprised with the names, but they then feel interesting when hearing the explanations about the names.

The restaurant’s owner said that the rice with lotus seed, which is a popular dish of the restaurant, not only attracts customers with its wonderful materials, but also with its purely Vietnamese names given by the restaurant, like Hồn Việt (Vietnamese soul) or Hương que (the home village’s arrogance).

“Lady Gaga” and “Marilyn Monroe” serve as stewardesses

When opening the new air route to Nha Trang City, the stewardesses of VietJet Air were seen dancing in bikini suits and giving gifts to passengers on the aircraft.

After that, instead of using the dancers in bikini suits, Vietjet Air has attracted passengers with the appearance of “Lady Gaga” on the opening of the air route to Hải Phòng.

Most recently, passengers could see “Marilyn Monroe” who appeared on Vietjet Air’s flight on the occasion of the opening of the new route HCM City – Vinh City.

Source: VietnamNet


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