The kindness of Saigonese

It has been thought for a long time that the Saigonese are well-known for their generosity towards those in need.

After traveling around the city at the weekend, a Tuổi Trẻ photojournalist took many inspiring and heart-wrenching photos of humans doing the right thing.

For Sài Gòn people, there are many simple ways to spread kindness everywhere, like providing passers-by with free ice tea during a scorching day, selling phở (Vietnamese traditional noodles) to the poor at a price of only VND1,000 (US$0.048) per bowl, offering free meals to patients at some major hospitals, and opening classes free of charge for poor students.

The kindness of Saigonese

More and more ice tea jars are placed around the city to serve passers-by or poor workers free of charge during hot summer days. In this photo, a female laborer stopped at a lamp post on a section of Nam Kỳ Khời Nghĩa Street, District 3 where an ice tea jar is located to take a bottle of drinking water. Above her, a man is pouring water into the jar.

The kindness of Saigonese

An elderly woman looks very happy after buying a bowl of pho worth VND1,000 at Nu Cuoi (Smile) Restaurant on District 3’s Ho Xuan Huong Street. 

The kindness of Saigonese

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, about 200 patients receive free healthcare provided by Traditional Medicine Clinic Tue Tinh at Goddess of Mercy Monastery in Phu Nhuan District. 

The kindness of Saigonese

Le Thach Thao tutors poor students at Au Duong Lan primary school in District 8 free of charge. She also raises funds to buy textbooks, clothes and even hire motorbikes to take her students before and after school in an effort to prevent them from leaving school.

The kindness of Saigonese

Student Bui Thi Thanh Thuy is exchanging with her teacher Tran Dao Phap during an English class at La Pagoda in Go Vap District where French, Chinese, German, and Japanese classes are offered for free.

The kindness of Saigonese

The poor laborer in this photo says she stops at an ice tea jar on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street every morning to enjoy a free glass of ice tea and to take a bottle of drinking water.

The kindness of Saigonese

Relatives of child patients at Pediatric Hospital No. 2 in District1 queue up to receive free meals.



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