Hà Nội transforms craft villages into tourist sites

Hà Nội plans to develop six traditional craft villages into tourist destinations to attract domestic and international tourists from now until 2015.

They include Phú Vinh rattan and bamboo weaving in Chương Mỹ district, Sơn Đông fine art sculpture in Hoài Đức district, Bát Tràng-Kim Lân pottery in Gia Lâm, Vạn Phúc silk in Hà Đông district, Ngọ Hạ mother-of-pearl inlay in Phú Xuyên district and Dư  Dụ sculpture in Thanh Oai district.

The city will focus on preserving old houses, restoring historical and cultural sites, building areas for product displays and upgrading the transport system, waste and water treatment facilities.

Home-stay services will be offered to give visitors the opportunity to learn about local people’s daily life.

Phú Vinh village will be chosen to pilot the scheme.

By 2015, Hà Nội will develop 14 other village-cum-tourist destinations.

The city expects to welcome 300,000-500,000 international visitors and 2-3 million domestic tourists to the craft villages.

Source: VNA


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