Twilight in Mũi Né Beach

DawnIn a trip to Mũi Né in Phan Thiết City on a weekend, my friend told me that it would become meaningless if I did not make it to the beach at twilight.

I waked up before dawn and strolled toward the beach.

The beach was beautiful and peaceful indeed.

Mũi Né can be seen as the Hawaii equivalent of Việt Nam.

It boasts the shady roads under the coconut trees, and the beautiful beach lined by hundreds of resorts, hotels, restaurants and cliffs battered by the waves continuously crashing onto the shore.

A telling view of Mũi Né is that white sand is carried along by strong wind blows to create ridges of sand.

The scene looks more fascinating at dawn with fishermen doing their daily chores on the beach.

SandDuneWhen daylight first appears, the beach is awakened by foreign tourists jogging along, or looking for some clams and snails, and by fishing boats returning in the distance.

Then, I took my friend’s advice trek up a sand dune to watch the sunrise.

I was surprised the sand dune had been busy with many tourists and locals, as well as vendors of food for breakfast, snacks and souvenirs.

I greeted a new day in Mũi Né that way, very fresh and joyful.


Source: The Saigon Times


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