Misty and romantic Tam Đảo

OldChurchLocated 90 kilometers from Hà Nội, Tam Đảo tourist area in Tam Đảo Town, Vĩnh Phúc Province, is an ideal getaway for tourists to escape the crazy, scorching heat.

In summer, people rush to Tam Đảo which is considered the Đà Lạt of the North with its fresh cool air, mist and romantic scenery.

One weekend, we decided to go to Tam Đảo when Hà Nội was filled with rain.

As I had not come to Tam Đảo during the cooler weather I was very excited.

I imagined Tam Đảo at that time very quiet and deserted.

I even thought I’d write a play about a love story set in Tam Đảo among the romantic, misty surroundings.

We reached Tam Đảo with the sunset upon us.

Tam Đảo appeared vaguely in the vaporous mist and golden light reflecting over the wet road.

It was not too cold, so we all felt the fresh air flowing into our ribs as we walked fast to look for a guest house.

At night, it got colder and Tam Đảo was blanked in tranquility and fog.

The silence was sometimes broken by singing from karaoke rooms.

Tam Đảo perhaps has three specialties that tourists should not miss:

Eating chayote buds, gambling for fun and singing karaoke.

Bà Chúa Thượng Ngàn TempleThere is some architecture worthy of a look such as an old stone church, Bà Chúa Thượng Ngàn Temple or Tam Đảo TV Tower.

In the dark, the old church stands imposingly.

In front of the church, some vendors sell grilled corn and eggs, bringing some warmth to the night.

In the early morning, it was like spring in Tam Đảo with golden beams and warm weather.

Like Sapa, the higher tourists trek, the more beautiful Tam Đảo is.

Nestled right at the foot of Thiên Thị Mountain after its 200 stone steps, Bà Chúa Thượng Ngàn Temple is apparently a sacred place luring many pilgrims daily, especially during festivals to pray for love and bearing children.

Bạc Waterfall is another must in Tam Đảo.

Flowing down from the mountain peak, the fall looks like a silver carpet studded with green moss.

Source: The Saigon Times


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