Students’ bookstore is great coffee venue

Bookstore CafeEach time I travel down Lê Duẩn Boulevard to the corner of Đinh Tiên Hoàng Street in District 1, I am curious when I see a group of people behind a series of glass windows of an old white building.

I wanted to find out what they were doing.

So, on a cool summer afternoon, I asked my best friend to help me check this venue out and this led to a very exciting day out combining our love of books and music.

It turns out that this white house is a book-coffee shop under the management of Phương Nam Culture Joint Stock Corporation (PNC) which is nicknamed ‘students’ bookstore’ located on the ground floor of a two-storey house inside the Hồ Chí Minh City (HCMC) University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

It is a popular rendezvous for many people due to its huge collection of books, convenient location and elegant decoration.

The light yellow ambiance is decorated by simple black and green furniture and amber bookshelves.

Readers can order a drink and choose from hundreds of Vietnamese and foreign books on the shelves to enjoy a comfortable seat near the window overlooking the busy street or behind some high walls next to bookshelves.

One highlight of the shop is no matter how noisy the street outside, customers are guaranteed perfect silence for their reading moment.

A note for guests is that there are some specific books that are for sale and not for a free read, so you should ask waiters or receptionists before taking books to your tables.

The cafe is quite busy at lunchtime. In late afternoon the venue looks so romantic as the sunlight shines through glass windows to the rhythm of soft music from speakers on the house’s high ceilings.

Food and drinks are priced from VND35,000.

The cafe also offers guests nearly ten dishes for breakfast and lunch with a menu which changes daily.

The PNC Book Cafe is located at 2A Lê Duẩn Boulevard, District 1.

It opens from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Customers can park their vehicles at the university’s parking lot for VND3,000.


Source: The Saigon Times

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