Cao Bằng: A Present From Nature

Cao Bằng has been blessed with many rivers, lakes, waterfalls and primeval forests, which make for imposing and romantic scenery suitable for those who love exploring nature and relaxing

Cao Bằng Municipality of Cao Bằng Province is a meeting point for the Bằng, Sóc and Hiến rivers.

The town has an ancient bastion constructed with ashlar masonry, which has an underground trench able to shelter 100 people, and various relics.

Pắc Bó Cave lies in a rugged limestone mountain next to the border of Việt Nam and China, and is called “watershed” in the local language, as hundreds of streams fan out in the beginning of the rainy season.

Vacationers who flock there can stay with ethnic minorities as a homestay tourism service and bathe in the cool and clear water of Pắc Bó Stream, which flows and rubs the body as a form of massage therapy.

The treatment will take fatigue away.

Getting to Cao Bằng, tourists should at least spend a whole day to visit the attraction complex of Thăng Hen Lake, Ngươm Ngao Cavern and Bản Giốc Waterfall.

Thăng Hen is one of the 36 freshwater lakes on Tra Linh Mountain, and is surrounded by jungles and majestic cliffs.

The riverhead of Thăng Hen Lake is Cun Stream, which boasts very blue water.

If tourists take a chance to stay there overnight, especially on a full-moon night, they will experience intriguing landscapes and original service typical to the region.

Some kilometers away from Thăng Hen Lake is Nguom Ngao Cavern, where legend has it that once upon a time, many tigers lived in the cavern in the morning, and then went out hunting for food at night.

Unlike the caverns of Phong Nha – Kẻ Bàng National Park or Hạ Long Bay, tourists will be amazed by Ngươm Ngao Cavern on the mountain for its untouched beauty.

Breathing in fresh air and enjoying masterpieces sculpted by nature, vacationers can whisper to the rocks whose shapes resemble terraced fields, an angel combing her hair by the stream, sailboats, a giant lotus flower or Buddha.

It is very exciting when tourists stroll by fields of corn and beans while listening to the wind singing in the early morning.

Four kilometers from Ngươm Ngao Cavern is Bản Giốc Waterfall, which is widely considered the most beautiful waterfall in Việt Nam.

Cao Bằng is a land of festivals, with the original cultures of ethnic minorities.

Despite rough roads and limited services, local inhabitants in Cao Bằng are hospitable and down-to-earth.

Source: The Saigon Times

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