Cửa Vạn among world’s most beautiful villages

Cửa Vạn village in Hạ Long Bay has been recognized as one of the most beautiful villages around the world by Journeyetc.com, a travel blog that provide useful guidance on and latest information about the travel market.

In a recent article featuring the world’s 16 exceptionally charming villages, Journeyetc.com said tourists will be amazed at the historical sites and the cobble stone streets of the village.

It is definitely one of the most scenic around the world, it said, advising visitors to admire the majestic lime stone hills of Hạ Long Bay, take photos of the floating fishing village and colorful raft houses, and immerse themselves in the rustic lifestyle of Cửa Vạn.

Also in the blog’s list are beautiful villages in Switzerland, New Mexico, Italy, Tunisia, Japan, France, CzechRepublic, Turkey, England, Hawaii, Georgia, Canada, Indonesia, Bermuda, and Chile.

 Source: VOV

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