Festival to commemorate the 1418 Revolution

A festival to celebrate the 1418 Lam Sơn Revolution was held at the Lam Kinh historical site in the central province of Thanh Hóa’s Thọ Xuân District on Saturday.

The annual three-day event honoured the services to the country of the historical figure Lê Lợi, who led a 10-year resistance against the Chinese Ming invaders and brought independence to his people.

He was crowned the first king of the late Lê dynasty (1427-1789) with the title of Lê Thái Tổ in 1428.

The event also marked his coronation as well as the 579th anniversary of his death.

The festival was kicked off with a palanquin procession from the Lê Thái Tổ Temple to the grand court of Lam Kinh Palace, where a ritual ceremony dedicated to the national hero took place.

Earlier, incense was offered for Lê Lợi and his general, Lê Lai, who sacrificed himself to protect Lê Lợi, at historical sites across the province.

Several artistic activities were also organised during the festival, including five Xuân Phả folk dances, considered the best of traditional Vietnamese dance.

This was the first time the dances were reintegrated and staged by local farmers of Xuân Phả Village, expressing the unique features of the wet rice civilisation.

Other traditional games were also held, attracting thousands of people to join in the fun.

The festival provided an opportunity for local travel agents to boost provincial tourism.

Tours to several attractions across the province, including the Tây Đô – Lam Kinh royal area, Hồ Royal Citadel, and Sầm Sơn Beach, were introduced at the event.

The festival, which has been held annually since 1995, will conclude today.

 Source: VNS


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