Vietnamese student found dead at ACS (I) school’s boarding house

A 17-year-old overseas ACS (International) student was found dead in his room last week.

The fourth-year Vietnamese student had died in his sleep at the school’s boarding house – Oldham Hall on Barker Road – according to the principal’s “interim newsletter” to parents last Tuesday.

In the email circular, Mr P Kerr Fulton-Peebles said the boy’s death came “as a complete shock” as he “had not been ill”.

Mr Fulton-Peebles added that an announcement on the boy’s death had been made to the school last Monday and the school had set up counselling arrangements for those who “might wish to talk about their feelings”.

When asked for details of the boy’s identity, the school said the parents’ privacy should be respected.

Speaking to TODAY, Oldham Hall Executive Director David Chua said the boarding house staff had not been aware of any health problems the boy may have had.

Mr Chua described the boy as “a good boarder” who enjoyed music and played the piano.

He loved to read and “was somebody who always had a book in his hand”.

A memorial service has been held for the boy at Oldham Hall and arrangements are being made for another to be held in the school.

The police have classified the case as unnatural death and investigations are ongoing.




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