Vietnamese Restaurant Long Phụng

I never ate Vietnamese food in the first 22 years of my life until I visited San Francisco.

S and i chanced upon an authentic Việt eatery while waiting for our laundry to be done and that’s where i fell in love with Phở.

You’d think that with Singapore being so close to Việt Nam and all, we would have better Việt food, but it’s really quite sub par compared to many Western countries.

We were recently introduced to Long Phụng by a friend who swears that this is probably the best Việt food in Singapore.
The Joo Chiat location is kinda seedy, with plenty of KTV bars (aka lup sup bars) but that hasn’t stopped the horde of Singaporean and Vietnamese families alike from patronising the place.
The latter is certainly an endorsement of the authentic flavors served here.
The set up is very simple and no frills.
Join the queue outside the store and wait for a table to be available.
The wait could be long on weekends but you could occupy yourself with pictures of the dishes on the wall while you make a mental note of your order.
Once seated, do not hesitate and start ordering.


The Viet Iced Tea (S$0.80) was the choice drink of many but I could never resist the Cà phê Sữa đáViệt Milk Coffee with Ice(S$3).

Never mind it is made from robusta and corn and god knows what.

This is a sweet (not cloying) condensed milk coffee heaven that i don’t mind going to.

I would highly recommend the Tamarind juice (S$3) as well.

This is a sweet and refreshing dessert drink with honey preserved fruit/plum and peanut chunks.

The Viet Prawn RollGỏi Cuốn, (4 for S$6, 6 for S$9) was served with a sweet sauce with peanut, garlic puree and chili.
This went well with the fresh minty rice rolls filled with rice vermicelli, sliced pork and prawn.
This is good for sharing because the roll are huge.
I would have ordered the spring rolls but S stopped me from over ordering.
I’ve never seen or ordered shellfish in Vietnam but i heard this is quite a local snack so we ordered 2 dishes to try anyway.
The Sò huyết Xào TỏiStir Fry Cockles with Garlic (S$6) is a good beer snack for sure.
Eat this while it is hot and make sure you mop up the garlic pepper sauce and then dip it into the salt, pepper, chili mix that accompanies the dish.
Ốc len xào ớt SatếStir Fry Zuzu with Satay (S$6) was a little on the bland side.
I kinda thought it would be similar to the local satay sauce but this was just a chili garlic sauce that did little to add flavor to the green entrails in the shell.
I had the Phở Đặc biệt (S$6.50), a Special Noodle Soup with beef balls, beef slices and beef brisket.
This generous bowl of smooth rice noodles is topped lots of tender meat and juicy chewy balls.
I was surprised by a raw egg when i was poking around my bowl.
This has to be the most flavorful phở i’ve had in Singapore.
The sweet rich broth is fragrant and flavorful and it had me hooked.
Extremely addictive soup i say!
S had the rare beef steak noodle soup (S$5.50) which he happily devoured.
If rice is more your thing, they have braised fish, cutlet, stewed pork or beef to go with that.
We have nothing but praise for this authentic Việt eatery in the east.

The food is hearty, home cooked and unpretentious.

What’s more the price is extremely affordable.

This is what Việt food is about really and this is what i miss about Sài Gòn.

If you want to experience Sài Gòn but don’t have the time to travel, get your tummy right over to Long Phụng now.

You bet this is where i’ll be every time i have a Việt craving.

Long Phụng, 159 Joo Chiat Road Tel: +65 9105 8519

Open: Daily, 1pm – 2am

Source: Blog Ms Skinny Fat

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